Featured here are just some of the comments and feedback we've had about the service and the courses that we offer at Rainbow Reef Instructor Dive Center.

What people are saying about our instructor development center:

  • Photograph of John Fowlds Jr from Alberqurque, New Mexico in Key Largo

    John Fowlds Jr
    Alberqurque, New Mexico

    Thank you, Rainbow Reef IDC Course Directors, staff, and crew, (Chris, Kirk, Dan, Neil, Joel) for the successful, "Quest to Instructor." Nothing less than a phenomenal IDC Course and Teaching Team!

  • Photograph of Jayson Markham from St. Croix in Key Largo

    Jayson Markham
    St. Croix

    Their love for diving shows in their high energy, humor, and excitement to share a personal passion of each staff member. We dove some of the best dive sites, with professionals who know their trade, safety was first so you dive again, and felt like family from the fun and high energy.

  • Photograph of Andrew Forsyth from Washington, D.C. in Key Largo

    Andrew Forsyth
    Washington, D.C.

    Chris did all coordination with the VA which completely funded my Instructor programs , affording me maximum time for DiveMaster, IDC and MSDT training utilizing my benefits and then continued on with? TECH 40, 45, & 50!

  • Photograph of Joe Calabria from New York, NY in Key Largo

    Joe Calabria
    New York, NY

    The GI Bill programs that Chris wrote here, have just blown me away, by showing me how much you all care about my fellow veterans. I was able to accomplish passing my I.E. (Instructors Exam/Evaluation) this past week using my GI Bill investment.

  • Photograph of Lloyd Parfait from  in Key Largo

    Lloyd Parfait

    The crew at Rainbow Reef has perfected the art of creating the best dive professionals in the business. They've also quite literally wrote the book on using the GI Bill to get it done, as well.

  • Photograph of Kioni Arend from  in Key Largo

    Kioni Arend

    What sealed it for me was the constant communication I received from Rainbow Reef's course director Ross Neil, and Master Instructor Chris Adams.

  • Photograph of Kenneth Muller from Key Largo, FL in Key Largo

    Kenneth Muller
    Key Largo, FL

    Ross strives for excellence each and every day. He opened his heart and mind to every one of my classmates. He showed concern when we struggled by providing positive reinforcement and suggestions for overcoming the situation. His teaching presence is extraordinary and his skills in the water outstanding.

  • Photograph of Clarence Stringer from Turks and Caicos in Key Largo

    Clarence Stringer
    Turks and Caicos

    I completed the IDC and IE in May. I did the IDC at Rainbow Reef in Key Largo with Ross Neil and Bill Findley. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Ross Neil teaches you more than scuba skills. He could easily be a life coach. I found myself making notes for things that I can apply to everyday life.

  • Photograph of Allison Hendrich from Kay Largo, FL in Key Largo

    Allison Hendrich
    Kay Largo, FL

    Let me tell you something about Ross - he knows his stuff. From day one I was incredibly impressed with Ross. Ross knows diving better than anyone I have ever met, and I have met many people in the business and firmly stand by those words. He is passionate about what he teaches and it shows.

  • Photograph of Richard Haste from Bronx, NY in Key Largo

    Richard Haste
    Bronx, NY

    From the moment I arrived I was treated like family and was offered every resource imaginable to ensure my comfort and confidence in my abilities necessary to pass the IE without issue.

  • Photograph of Joshua Cohen from Massachusetts in Key Largo

    Joshua Cohen

    From day 1 when I inquired about the IDC and received a phone call from Ross not 15 minutes after clicking submit, to the emails and phone calls leading up to my arrival and the warm welcome I received walking in the door of Rainbow Reef for the first time, these three gentlemen showed outstanding service.

  • Photograph of Jose Nieto from North Carolina in Key Largo

    Jose Nieto
    North Carolina

    I was especially impressed with the amount of time (class as well as personal after hours) the staff spent in ensuring that the class was ready for the IDe. They also went well above and beyond in the amount of time they spent on the academics portion

  • John Hanna
    Key Largo, FL

    The fact that all of the IDC candidates that made it through the IDC that I audited with Rainbow Reef passed their IE wasn't a surprise to me. I knew from my experience in my IDC that if the candidates could meet Bill and Ross's standards then the IE really wouldn't be a challenge for them

  • Jason Gras
    Big Sky, MT

    I just finished an IDC with Rainbow Reef and wow was it an experience! I competed my Dive Master in Orlando and though it wasn't the most in-depth experience, it did fulfill all the requirements. What it did though was get me motivated to instruct myself for I saw many areas of improvement and how better to see change but to seek higher education and change for the better in yourself.

  • Photograph of Tom Brady from Warwick, NJ in Key Largo

    Tom Brady
    Warwick, NJ

    From the moment I arrived I felt completely welcome, Allison and the front desk staff helped me to arrange an amazing day of diving before class began and helped me to get myself situated in my new environment. The dorm at the shop was clean and lended itself well to the overall learning experience

  • Photograph of Stephen Pegram from Martinsville, VA in Key Largo

    Stephen Pegram
    Martinsville, VA

    Ken Wilhelm and Bill Findley were two of the finest instructors I've ever had. The PADI Instructor Development Class put on by Rainbow Reef IDC and Course Director Ken Wilhelm was probably one of the most mentally and physically challenging courses that I've taken in my 20 plus years in Law Enforcement.

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