Allison Hendrich,

Allison Hendrich, IDC student photograph I have been diving for many years. I became an OWSI back in Dec. of 2005 doing an IDCIIE in Dahab, Egypt. I worked for a couple years and loved it. I then decided to go back to Graduate School, finished that and got a job in the real world, only to find myself realizing I wanted to really be back in the dive industry. So, long story short, I decided to sit in on another IDC to get back into the swing of things. I chose to do that IDC beginning the second week of Feb. 2013 with Rainbow Reef, down in Key Largo, FL, with Course Director Ross Neill #154764. Let me tell you something about Ross - he knows his stuff. From day one I was incredibly impressed with Ross. Ross knows diving better than anyone I have ever met, and I have met many people in the business and firmly stand by those words. He is passionate about what he teaches and it shows. During this particular IDC there were some students that were challenging, to say the least. Ross's patience is to be commended. There were times when I would doubt myself. Ross doesn't "hand feed" the answers to your questions. He guides you through the thought process and the manual until you are able to find the answer for yourself. He also challenges you to become a better diver, both in and out of the water. I am so happy I decided to sit through another IDC, but more importantly I am happy it was Ross's IDC. He helped me regain that confidence to teach again. am proud to have Ross as a mentor as well as a friend. I would highly recommend anyone to take his IDC, if they want to learn from the best that is. It's people like Ross that make me proud to be a PADI diver.
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