Frequently Asked Instructor Diving Questions (FAQ)

  • What is your pass rate for the IE?

    Without a doubt, with exception to the Theory, the pass rate for the candidates at the IE is 100%. Why is Theory in a category by itself? Because we do not teach theory in the IDC, it is taught in the DM course. You will only be as prepared for the Theory as you are willing to prepare. We will help, but you must put time into the theory.

  • What should I expect for day one?

    There will be an Orientation, which will cover what you will be doing for the next 10 days. Immediately following that you will be given your first Theory exam comprised of 5 sections: General Skills and Environment, Physics, Physiology, Equipment and RDP. This is for us to know where you stand. If you have any NON PADI OW, AOW, Res or DM certs I will also need a front to back copy of your card. Then it is off to the pool we go.

  • What if I do not have 100 dives?

    Not to worry, we have an “unlimited diving” package for $850 per week of unlimited diving and housing. Most people can get at least 20 dives a week this way, so you tend to rack them up rather easily and for less money than it usually costs to stay here in Key Largo.

  • Should I bring my own gear?

    Yes…in fact, we will ask that you go to the IE only with the gear that you have been using throughout the IDC so there are no surprises. If you do not have gear, no worries, we can help!

  • It's the Keys. Do I need a wetsuit?

    The water is seasonal, but a 3mm is always a good bet. Jan-March maybe even a 5mm.

  • Should I buy my materials from you?

    We are able to extend to you our cost on materials, which is considerably less than most any other shop.

  • How do I get this all started?

    All we need is a $500 deposit to lock you into your IDC of choice, get you a login for out theory “practice exam” site and ship out your IDC crewpack…it’s that easy.

  • What about transportation?

    To get to us, our address is 100800 Overseas Highway: Mile Marker 100. If you do not have a car you can take the shuttle

  • Do I need a car?

    It is not a bad idea…the apartments are above the shop, but we are 0.8 miles from the docks and a mile from the grocery store, so a car would certainly be a good idea.

  • Do I need a towel?

    No, our apartments have towels and sheets and even a washer and dryer. It is just as at home, only you are sharing with your fellow candidates.

  • Do I have to do the Online IDC Course?

    You certainly may if you wish, but we teach it during our IDC and actually prefer to teach it to you ourselves as we are teaching you in the same method that we are teaching you how to teach. We love eLearning, but feel that we can better serve you by offering these courses ourselves.

  • Can I use my laptop at the IDC/IE?

    Yes…in fact, you should have your instructor manual, specialty instructor manuals (specifically the Peak Performance Buoyancy and Project AWARE) and Guide to Teaching uploaded on your computer for use throughout your IDC. If you do not have a laptop then you may of course use the hard copies, but it is highly recommended that you have both at your disposal.

  • What if I have some non-PADI certifications?

    That is not a problem. You simply need to provide a photocopy of the front and back of the original certification card from the certifying agency.

  • Can I do my physical there?

    Yes! A 1 Urgent Care: 101451 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037 (305) 453-0666. Last we heard, they were charging $180 for a PADI physical. Take this with you: Medical Statement Form.

  • I need help with the theory, oh no!

    If you have gone through our online theory and are still having trouble, then we will require you to do our own one-day course at $150 or the PADI online theory at PADI Dive Theory at $150.

  • What if I don’t have all of my gear?

    That is not a problem; we are a fully equipped retail store and can offer you prices you will not find lower. We also have an Instructor Packet that has all of the add-ons to the gear required as per GS&P.

  • Do I really need to take the MSDT prep?

    No, but if you are looking at working in the industry, then absolutely. There are simply not that many jobs out there for instructors who do NOT have Specialty Instructor Ratings. Plus, Specialty Instruction is sanity teaching…it’s the really fun stuff.


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