Experienced Staff in Key Largo

Our Professional Education Staff consists of 6 PADI Course Directors, 3 of which have been consistently awarded Platinum Status. They are supported by our robust staff of PADI Master Instructors and PADI IDC Staff Instructors. All together they form our dedicated IDC/CDC team and they have come together to create the best real world training environment you could ask for. We put this team together not just because of their experience, but because we believe our team philosophy and approach translates to a better learning experience for our Instructor Candidates.

Our Diving Staff Members:

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    Ross Neill
    Training Director


    PADI Instructor-Examiner

    Diveheart Instructor Trainer

    PADI Platinum Course Director

    Ross' very first diving experience was from an ex-Navy diver who had a lean-to next to the pool at a hotel in Key Biscayne, FL. He was only eight, but tall for his age and had spent the entire week at the hotel pool, fascinated by the man with the dive gear.

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    Josh "Grey" Childress
    Course Director


    PADI Platinum Course Director

    DAN Hyperbaric Chamber Operator/Attendant

    Josh is from landlocked Memphis, Tennessee and was certified at the age of 10 in Hawaii. He has spent the better part of his life traveling as much as humanly possible due to having airline industry parents.

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    Joshua "Red" Cohen
    Course Director


    PADI Platinum Course Director

    USCG 100 Ton Captain

    Josh began diving at the age of 12 when his father's rescue dive team needed to practice searches for children and realized that Josh was the perfect candidate/victim.

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  • Kell Levendorf
    PADI Career Development Director/Risk Manager


    PADI Master Instructor

    DAN Instructor

    Somewhere in his family archives there is an old B&W photo of Kell Levendorf, circa 1965, watching Sea Hunt on a B&W TV, wearing his bathing suit, "flippers," and with a mask firmly on his forehead, 'a la' Mike Nelson.

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  • Paul "The Beard" Nonemaker


    PADI Master Instructor

    Paul "the beard" Nonemaker started diving in 2014 the cold waters of a Pennsylvania quarry. He used this an an opportunity and excuse to travel and dive in Nassau, Thailand, and Hawaii. He was hooked from his first breaths underwater and could not wait to learn more.

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  • Chad Hanjora


    PADI IDC-Staff Instructor

    Chad Hanjora started diving in 2013 and became an instructor in 2015. He's always had a love for the ocean since he was very young. Chad had always wanted to become scuba certified and finally got that chance and he dove right in.

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  • PADI Elite Instructor 2019 50 image

    Jake Holzapfel
    Instructor-Trainer/Conservation Team Leader


    PADI Master Instructor

    Jake started his career as a diver in 2012 while living in Virginia, but it was not until summer of 2018 that he embarked upon his career as a professional diver.

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  • Platinum CD 2016 image

    Billy Wise
    General Manager


    PADI Platinum Course Director

    Billy's first introduction to scuba came by way of his father. At an early age, Billy assisted his dad on various commercial diving jobs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 1978, Billy became a PADI Open Water diver and began exploring recreationally around the globe.

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  • D.J. Wood
    AKA "Oz"


    PADI Master Instructor

    USCG 100T Master Captain

    D.J. started diving quite by accident in 1999 when he visited the Florida Keys for Christmas vacation. The resort mixed up his dolphin swim reservations, and they offered to make up for it with a Discover Scuba Class. The rest is history, as they say.

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