Dive Instructor Job Placement

We have an extensive contact network that can open doors for you anywhere in the World!

Over the Years the Dive Center, it's Course Director and staff Instructors have developed an extensive network of Clients, Students and Dive Professionals, who live and work at Dive Centers all over the world. They typically tap us for our Instructor Candidates to join their teams and start you on your way to your new Professional Scuba Diving Career.

Rainbow Reef Job Placement Assistance Program:

Our Job Placement program has several components. First, there are our international contacts. With a training staff of over 10, there is a veritable font of knowledge and many brains to pick. With more than 100 years of professional accumulated experience between our Course Directors, Master Instructors and IDC Staff Instructors, one of us is bound to have a good idea or right direction in which to lead you.

The PADI Employment Board/Classified section in the PADI Pro’s site is an invaluable tool that can connect you all over the world to various positions that are posted by prospective employers. As a Divemaster you already have access this site, but if you have not yes found it, then we will help navigate the Pro’s site so you can.

We want to know where you'd like to see your Scuba Career go, as well as where in the world you would like to travel, work and play

Another asset is the basic Scuba Instructor professional resume/CV tune-up.

Remember, your CV is not meant to tell everything about yourself, rather it is a snapshot of what you have achieved and what you can bring. There is no need to have any more than one page to a CV and the main objective to simply to “get them to call you”. Once they have called you, or you have your foot in the door, then you can sell your personality and WHY they need to hire you. With a CV, less is more because it promotes questions, which is what you want.

Lastly, there are our own internal scuba instructor needs.

Rainbow Reef certifies over 100 instructors a year and as such, we only hire those we have trained. During your training we will take time to sit down and discuss what your goals are. We want to know where you see your Scuba Career going. We also want to know where in the world you would like to travel and work? We will take a look at which positions you may be qualified for and then we can try and make a match via our network of contacts around the globe, the PADI Employment Board and of course our own Dive Center.

No one can guarantee that you will get a job because of taking their IDC, and if they do, they are misleading you

To be sure, no one can guarantee that you will get a job because of taking their IDC, and if they do, they are misleading you. You earn it with your own credentials and skills that you will obtain during your IDC. You will get hired because when you graduate from Rainbow Reef because people know you are well qualified and have the potential to become a well-rounded, excellent instructor. They won't just "give" you a job just because they know us, and we will not just give you a job because you attended our IDC, rather you will be hired because of your outstanding training and attitude. The more you put into your IDC, the more you will get out of it.

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