Our Location in Key Largo

The Caribbean of the United States is what people call the Florida Keys and for good reason... we are nestled along the Great Florida Reef which is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States and yet still part of the Caribbean. It is the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world, which makes the diving remarkable and the travel totally affordable.

With so many dive facilities to choose from for my Instructor Development Courses... what is it that sets Rainbow Reef in a class by itself?

Exquisite geographic location is just one of the key points to note when searching for an IDC training center. Rainbow Reef offers an all-inclusive IDC program with on site apartments just upstairs from the very classrooms in which you will be learning and teaching.

Located right in the middle of Key Largo, Rainbow Reef is just a short drive, bike or walk to the local grocery store, pizzeria, Starbucks and our very own docks where you will find our fleet of the Tropical Odyssey, the Tropical Adventure, the Tropical Voyager, the Tropical Explorer and our new live-aboard the Millennium falcon.

It goes without saying that a vehicle is the best option for convenience and transportation, but you will find there are many people, who rent bikes while down here... if nothing else, it’s nice to just ride around in the tropics. You may need to get a lift for your gear, but everything is about a mile away.

Nothing can prepare you better than participating in training at a Dive Center or Resort

Real World Training Environment

What about a pool, you say? Rainbow Reef just happens to be the only CDC in the Keys with our own on-site pool that is just behind the shop. We have twelve-foot deep pool where you are able to grab a tank and practice your skills whenever there is free time and it is just downstairs from the apartments.

In order to ensure that you have the most educational, interactive and enjoyable experience possible, we have provided some key points to consider when looking for the right IDC training center. Just click each heading to read how Rainbow Reef Dive Center provides a convenient solution to

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