Our Dive Center in Key Largo

When training at Rainbow Reef Instructor Development Center, you are actually on site of the Rainbow Reef Dive Center and Resort

In business since 1991, the Dive Center grew modestly in size and reputation until late 2001 when the newest owners took over. Armed with a desire to make a difference, the new owners channeled their passion for diving into making the Dive Center the kind of place they themselves would want to use on a vacation diving trip.

Since taking over the shop, Rainbow Reef has expanded their Dive Fleet to 5 vessels, purchased all new rental equipment, installed a new air station, put a new Membrane compressor online, adding a Nitrox fill station, re-powered the dive boats and of course started the award winning Instructor Development Center.

Rainbow Reef Dive Center has achieved PADI's highest award, PADI Career Development Center (CDC)

Just this year Rainbow Reef was recognized as being a 20 YEAR MEMBER. An honor we hope to continue to perpetuate with our customer serviced based crew and personalized training. Rainbow Reef Dive Center has also achieved PADI's highest award: PADI Career Development Center (CDC).

What does the future hold, you say?

Oh, you just wait, there’s more. We are just getting started with putting our dreams to the test. Stay tuned and you too will be in on the scoop.

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