Avelo Dive Specialty

Offering Avelo to our certified divers as a specialty that provides precision control for your buoyancy, extends your dive times, and makes your diving safer.

Who can teach

An active, Avelo-certified instructor affiliated with an Avelo Dive Center.

Student to Instructor Ratio

  • Academic

    Unlimited, so long as adequate facility, supplies and time are provided to ensure comprehensive and complete training of subject matter

  • In-water training

    A maximum of 1:6 – Avelo Instructor Trainer to Avelo Pro candidates. It is at the discretion of the Avelo Instructor Trainer to reduce this number as conditions dictate.

Avelo Pro Candidate prerequisites

  1. Must be an active and insured (where applicable) open-water scuba instructor
  2. Proof of swim test (confirmed by the ADC):
    1. 400-meter swim in less than 12 minutes
    2. 15-minute tread (last 2 minutes with hands out of the water)
    3. 800-meter snorkel swim in less than 20 minutes
    4. 100-meter tow in less than 3 minutes
  3. Must have a minimum of 10 Avelo dives

Avelo Instructor candidates must provide proof that they certified a minimum of the following standard scuba certifications:

  1. 100 open water or equivalent, and either;
  2. 20 advanced open water or equivalent; or
  3. 40 specialties (with dives) or equivalent
  4. Five rescue or equivalent; or
  5. 75 open water or equivalent and 25 Avelo-guided dives (not 25 Avelo guided divers)

Note If an instructor does not have the required certifications and/or guided dives but feels they can achieve those within 12 months, they will be able to take the Avelo Pro class. Once they achieve the necessary qualifications, they will be able to contact Avelo to have their Avelo Instructor certification activated. If they do not achieve the requirements within 12 months, they will need to either repeat the Avelo Pro examination or the full Avelo Pro class (at their expense) which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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