Kenneth Muller,

Kenneth Muller, IDC student photograph

My name is Kenneth R Muller but I go by Ken. I recently completed my IDC training at Rainbow Reef in Key Largo Florida under the course director, Ross Neill. I know you receive many quality management reports each year and I知 sure that many of them are not pleasant to read. Well this is not one of those as I知 pleased to report my experiences with Ross Neill.

Prior to my arrival at my IDC, I asked several questions pertaining to various subjects. Within hours and at most one day, I got each and every question completed to my satisfaction. Little did I know the amount of calls, emails and time Ross spends each day answering inquiries until I arrived for my IDC course. He like the rest of my classmates spent many hours each day devoted to making the experience a success for everyone. Many days he operated on little sleep and still was able to be the professional role model one hopes for in a course director.

I知 an information technology architect working for a large computer company. I知 deployed on projects to help transform the data centers of many Fortune 100 companies. In my job, I知 required to anticipate problems, create solutions and direct their implementation. I知 good at what I do in my daily job but this conflicted with my development as an open water scuba instructor. I was by nature anticipating information I thought I needed to obtain. While I was told by my classmates that they had the same or similar questions, I was not giving Ross a chance to teach. I知 sure this irritated him but he never showed it and I mean never. His attitude was contagious and a few days into the course, I approached him for help to break my intrusion on the flow of his teaching. Our discussion was extremely cordial and his suggestions were taken very seriously.

Eventually I was able to break my habit in the classroom utilizing his suggestions. I still had a similar problem in confined water as I constantly positioned myself to insure my anticipated problems could not be made. Ross mentored me on this problem also and I overcame this issue and allowed the students, my classmates, to make mistakes for me to catch. Ross reminded me to look at the big picture and the problems would pop out and they did. Prior to my IE, he told me to stay out of my own head and everything would work out for me. He help mold me into a different person which is something I値l cherish for the rest of my life.

On the first day of class, Ross stated that perfection is not obtainable but striving for excellence is obtainable. While this is not his exact words, the meaning is still the same. Ross strives for excellence each and every day. He opened his heart and mind to every one of my classmates. He showed concern when we struggled by providing positive reinforcement and suggestions for overcoming the situation. His teaching presence is extraordinary and his skills in the water outstanding. He conducted several clinics in the water to make each and every one of us better by showing us 鍍ricks to keep our future students safe and avoid situations that could be quality management issues. His clinics on instructor, certified assistant and student positioning, CESA and lift bag use were outstanding.

In summary, I now realize that I could not have made a better choice for a course director and the associated IDC staff at Rainbow Reef. Ross exemplified everything I could want from a mentor and I知 sure we keep in touch for the rest of our lives. I don稚 know what his plans are for the future with PADI but I can be sure of one thing, he will be great at whatever he decides to pursue.

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