John Fowlds Jr,

John Fowlds Jr, IDC student photograph

The toughest part of becoming a SCUBA Instructor is finding the "Right IDC Program." If you're looking for an IDC program, go no further!! Especially, if you're a veteran using your GI Bill!

Thank you, Rainbow Reef IDC Course Directors, staff, and crew, (Chris, Kirk, Dan, Neil, Joel) for the successful, "Quest to Instructor." Nothing less than a phenomenal IDC Course and Teaching Team! Absolutely the Best IDC Course available!!! It's certainly not an easy program, but anything worth achieving rarely is. As Chris says day 1, "You get out of the course, what you put into it." The staff is there for you 150%. They go the extra mile and more...

Did I mention the superb Veteran's/GI Bill Program?

Very easy to get your benefits thanks Chris's adept knowledge of the system. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the Rainbow Reef IDC Course Directors, staff, and crew (Chris, Kirk, Dan, Neil, Joel) I'm teaching the "SCUBA Life Style" and living my dream.

I believe in the Rainbow Reef team and I'm going back for further training next year Rebreather, Dive Heart, Specialties, and eventually Staff Instructor.

BOTTOM Line: If you want the Best IDC Course and Pass your IE... Go with the Rainbow Reef Team!!!

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