Emergency First Responder Instructor

To become an Open Water Scuba Instructor, you need to be an instructor for Emergency First Response or a First Aid/CPR Instructor from another recognized organization. Rainbow Reef's EFR Instructor Course is taught the day after the completion of the IDC and the day before the beginning of the Instructor Examination.

The course follows ILCOR guidelines and prepares the candidate to become a successful instructor with a focus on low-anxiety training for students. Following the latest in medically approved procedures in providing First Aid and CPR is the basis for being certified in EFR; however, the Instructor Course also focusses on how to plan, market, administer, teach and ensure a positive learning environment for your students.

This course will certify you as an Instructor for EFR which can be taught to divers and non-divers alike. This increases your ability to teach different people with different needs and make the most out of your earning potential.

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