Experienced Staff in Key Largo

Our Professional Education Staff consists of 6 PADI Course Directors, 3 of which have been consistently awarded Platinum Status. They are supported by our robust staff of PADI Master Instructors and PADI IDC Staff Instructors. All together they form our dedicated IDC/CDC team and they have come together to create the best real world training environment you could ask for. We put this team together not just because of their experience, but because we believe our team philosophy and approach translates to a better learning experience for our Instructor Candidates.

Our Diving Staff Members:

  • Chris Adams
    PADI Elite Platinum Course Director


    DiveHeart Instructor Trainer

    Rebreather Instructor

    Rebreather Instructor Trainer

    Platinum CD 2017 imagePlatinum CD 2016 imagePADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 imageElite Instructor Award 2015 300 imageElite Instructor Award 2014 300 imageElite Instructor Award 2013 300 image

    Chris has received his degrees in Marine Biology and loves the oceans and teaching new stewards of our marine environment. Chris originally certified as a diver in 1996 with his scout troop to take a trip to the Florida Keys, because of his father's stories of traveling the world and diving while he was in the US Navy. Chris came to us originally as a client in 2006 and received his PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Enriched Air diver courses. After finishing his studies in 2007, Chris was accepted into our scholarship program in 2008. During his scholarship program Chris became an MSDT. After completion of the scholorship, Chris went back to California to teach diving in the Monterey area while running a dive shop in Northern California.

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  • Kevin Marks
    PADI Platinum Course Director


    Rebreather Instructor

    Platinum CD 2017 imagePADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 imagePlatinum CD 2015 imageElite Instructor Award 2015 100 imageElite Instructor Award 2014 150 imageElite Instructor Award 2013 200 image

    Kevin started diving as a teenager and was drawn to the sport because of the teaching style. That teaching style inspired him to gain a degree in Experiential Education and Environmental Science from SUNY Empire State University. Combining real life hands on experiences with a solid academic backbone is the way he prefers to learn.

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  • Jim Wyatt
    PADI Platinum Course Director


    Rebreather Instructor

    Rebreather Instructor Trainer

    Deep Cave Diving Instructor

    USCG 100T Master Captain

    Platinum CD 2017 imagePADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 image

    Jim was certified as a PADI instructor in 1974 and spent several years in the United States Navy as a Diving/Salvage Officer after graduating from the U.S. Navy's Officer Candidate School. Jim was also trained as a recompression chamber operator/supervisor by the US Navy, where his first assignment to the fleet was as Gunnery Officer on the USS Spiegel Grove, LSD-32 which is now an artificial reef off of Key Largo.

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  • Billy Wise
    PADI Platinum Course Director


    Platinum CD 2016 image

    Billy's first introduction to scuba came by way of his father. At an early age, Billy assisted his dad on various commercial diving jobs along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 1978, Billy became a PADI Open Water diver and began exploring recreationally around the globe.

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  • Daniel Weeks
    PADI Course Director


    Technical Diving Instructor

    PADI Freediver Instructor

    Rebreather Instructor

    PADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 imageElite Instructor Award imageElite Instructor Award image

    Dan became a dive master in 2012 after getting out of the Marine Corps and completed his IDC, MSDT and Staff Instructor courses here at Rainbow Reef Dive Center in 2014. He has already certified over 200 students and out of the nearly twenty specialties he can teach, his favorites would have to be wreck and deep.

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  • Kirk McFarlin
    PADI Course Director


    PADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 imageElite Instructor Award image

    Kirk was born in the desert of West Texas where water was merely something that came from a faucet. Kirk was however, drawn to water from the earliest age. He swam competitively through his high school years and his first real job was being a lifeguard and teaching swimming lessons to children. Kirk have always felt at home in the water, but life got in the way and for the majority of his adult life he was a police officer. During his 31 years of police work....

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  • Neil Evans
    PADI Course Director


    Elite Instructor Award imageElite Instructor Award image

    Neil has always been drawn to the water from an early age whether it be swimming, waterparks, snorkeling, and boating. In 2012 Diving became the next logical step for Neil to take to be in the water more! From his first breaths underwater Neil knew that diving was for him and that he wanted to help others get the same joy that he has while diving.

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  • Jardin Macdonald
    PADI Elite Master Instructor


    PADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 imageElite Instructor Award imageElite Instructor Award 2015 100 image

    Jardin came to the United States in 2007 from the sunny shores of Australia where he grew up surfing, surf lifeguarding and working at a customs brokerage. Travelling around the states for 1 year before finally settling on Chicago, he missed living beside the ocean so much that he took up scuba diving in a 40 degree quarry and absolutely loved it!!!

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  • D.J. Wood
    PADI Master Instructor


    Rebreather Instructor

    USCG 100T Master Captain

    D.J. started diving quite by accident in 1999 when he visited the Florida Keys for Christmas vacation. The resort mixed up his dolphin swim reservations, and they offered to make up for it with a Discover Scuba Class. The rest is history, as they say.

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  • Joel
    PADI Elite Master Instructor


    EFR Instructor Trainer

    PADI Freediver Instructor

    PADI Elite Instructor Award 2016 image

    Born a child of the tide with an unrelenting draw to the water, the allure of becoming a scuba diver was more of a calling than anything else.

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  • Katie Kline
    PADI IDC Specialist


    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Katie has always had a love for the ocean and has been diving since she was 13 years old.

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