PADI IDC Professional Scuba Instructor Development Center

It has been over 10 years since we hired a Course Director and trained our first instructor as a PADI IDC. What started as an ancillary idea of how we could improve our Dive Center, has turned into a focus and a large part of who we are today. So much so that we’ve built Key Largo’s first pool specifically for and dedicated to dive training, which is all part our brand new in IDC campus opening in 2015. From our award winning PADI Platinum Course Directors and IDC Staff to our state of the art training environment, spend a little time with us and you’ll soon see why you’ve found the place you will want to turn to for all of your PADI Professional training needs.

Things that set us apart:

To be sure, there is more than 1 place in the world that can help you achieve the goal of becoming a PADI Dive Instructor. Below are just a few of the things we feel are important to your success and set us apart from the others.

  • PADI Career Development Center (CDC)

  • Most Chosen PADI IDC in North America

    (with any IDC training package, on first come first serve basis)

  • 3 Platinum Course Directors
    (No other IDC in the Western Hemisphere even has two of these on staff)

  • Dedicated IDC Campus
    (with Deep Water SCUBA training pool)

  • Rebreather Training
    (Poseidon OW through Instructor)

  • Veterans Association Approved

  • Over 25 Specialty Instructor Courses

  • Premiere DiveHeart Training Center

  • 5 Custom Dive Boats

Featured areas of our PADI Career Development Center:

Each month we like to showcase 4 dimensions of what makes us an award winning PADI Career Development Center. We have carefully selected the following four to help you get to know us better and share more detailed information on the things that are important to us.

  • Meet Your Instructors

    Allow us to introduce you to some of PADI’s most award winning Course Directors, IDC Staff, and key members of the Rainbow Reef Instructor training team.

    Meet our experienced PADI IDC instructors image
  • Veterans PADI Instructor Programs

    Since we work with the Florida Department of Veteran Affairs, you can easily get all of your professional training covered under your veterans benefits.

    Veterans PADI dive instructor training image
  • Rebreather Training

    We are a premier Poseidon rebreather facility that can train you in all levels of PADI Recreational, Technical, and professional rebreather certifications.

    Poseidon professional rebreather certification image
  • Diving Instruction Package Builder

    Our easy to use tool that walks you through what courses and training you’ll need to become a PADI Professional, where we will lay out your path and price it all for you.

    Diving Instruction Package Builder image
  • IDC Course Schedule

    We run PADI IDC's about once a month throughout the year, so you are never more than a few days away from our next class cycle!

    Instructor Development Course schedule image
  • Career Package Builder

    Use our package wizard to walk you through creating your own custom IDC package of courses, complete with pricing breakdown.

    Career Package Builder inset image
  • PADI IDC Report

    What is the experience like? Follow all of the days and weeks activities with our IDC staff and candidates.

    Instructor Development Center report inset image
  • Featured Specialty Course

    See what our featured specialty of the month is, and learn why it's important to your professional diving career.

    Featured Instructor Specialty inset image
  • Our Next IDC Course:

    As a Divemaster, you not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the jo...

    Our next IDC course inset image
  • Testimonial: Lloyd Parfait

    The crew at Rainbow Reef has perfected the art of creating the best dive professionals in the business. They'v...

    Photograph of Lloyd Parfait at Rainbow Reef IDC in Key Largo, FL
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