DiveHeart Adaptive Dive Buddy

The DIVE HEART Adaptive Dive Buddy course introduces Adaptive Diving to anyone interested in learning about diving with a disability. By the end of this program, a candidate will be able to be a successful and comfortable member of an Adaptive Dive Team.

Develop adaptive dive team skills, learn and understand all the roles and responsibilities necessary to successfully coordinate every aspect of an adaptive dive.

When working with an adaptive diver in real world confined and open water scenarios, you MUST abide by the appropriate adaptive dive team requirements. However, during Adaptive Dive Buddy Training, the blind and paraplegic scenarios can be can be performed in two person teams.

Each team member completes the confined water skill set as both the adaptive diver and adaptive buddy. Quadriplegic scenarios require three person teams; each team member rotates through until they complete the confined water skills as the adaptive diver, forward, and rearward adaptive buddy.

Prerequisites: 18 years or older. PADI Open Water certified diver or equivalent. Proficient in scuba skills, including buoyancy control and must have logged at least 20 open water dives.

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